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The Curse of the Designer

Being a designer means being tuned into the aesthetics of the world around us. Signs, logos, posters, and more are all around us, demanding our attention. Before I began my formal training in graphic design, I never consciously paid attention to certain heinous design crimes but I definitely recall noticing them. The first one: typefaces. […]

A Taste of In-House Design

We were recently given a financial document assignment for my typography class to practice our type conventions in English and French. However this also offered an interesting look at in-house design. First of all, let me say that I have never been overly partial to the idea of in-house design. I enjoy working on many […]

Who Am I? A Self-Branding Experience

Branding yourself is always difficult in any field, but it is especially crucial for designers. Our brands are not only our identity as a business, but is an introduction to who we are as designers. It is crucial for us to showcase not only a keen design eye, but to infuse a certain amount of […]

Looking to Others

The funny thing about inspiration is that we don’t always know when we have been inspired. I had been perusing the internet, searching aimlessly for something to spark my creativity one way or another, when I stumbled upon the work of Gareth Strange a.k.a. Strangelove. Originally I had found his name among a list of well-designed portfolio […]

The Art of Alcohol

Earlier this semester we were given an alcohol branding assignment where we had to create a design for a minimum of one bottle for a fictitious brewery, as well as an accompanying logo. I did tons of research to find a style I liked and then spent hours creating many different designs for different types of alcohol. […]

Marketing Done Right (The Deadpool Way)

Okay so anyone who knows me will know that I love pop culture. I gobble up comics, tv shows, movies, cosplay, conventions, and just about anything nerdy I can get my hands on. If you too share this passion, then you no doubt will have an idea about Deadpool. Whether by previous knowledge of the comics […]

Resource Masterpost!

Okay, so the title might be a little misleading, but this is my attempt at curating and cataloguing resources for designers, both professional and hobbyist, to enjoy. As a college student, I love free or nearly free things. Sometimes getting a deal is almost as invigorating as a six cups of coffee, three days of sleep, […]

Looks Good Enough to Eat…

This past week I have been working (with the help of my excellent assistant, my mum) to create photos for an upcoming project. Food photography is difficult because you not only have to observe the usual photography “rules” (rule of thirds, leading lines, angles of interest, etc) but you have to do it in a way […]

The Devil’s In the Details

I don’t know about you, but detailed art has always inspired me. More often than not, I lean towards art that is devilishly complex with tons of little pieces hidden inside. Often I try to replicate this detail, but I usually fall woefully short. However you can’t always control in which ways you are influenced, […]

Designed Resumes: Help or Hinderance?

Recently just about everyone in my life has been talking about resumes. I personally have completely redesigned my resume within the past week, and I know of a few others who have done so. Many people’s first instinct is to open a Word template, choose a non-threatening serif typeface (usually Times New Roman), and key in […]