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And Now for Our Feature Presentation…

For most people, this phrase signals the beginning of a film which is the main event. However, many movie-goers will attest that one of their favourite parts of going to the movies is the trailers. For some reason, trailers make the theatre experience that much more enticing. In some ways, I think it’s something akin […]

Back At It

Classes resuming marks the end of winter break and the beginning of a new semester. Unfortunately 2016 has had a rocky start, particularly in regards to the passing of legends. International superstar David Bowie passed January 10th and you could almost hear the entire world crying out. Thousands of people from all over the world paid […]

Retrospective: Studying Design

As this semester is drawing to a close, I want to focus my final blog post of the year on my journey through school thus far. The end of this semester marks the halfway point of my schooling in Graphic Design at Conestoga. As a student of Graphic Design, I obviously feel that it is important […]

Clients (Aren’t Always) From Hell: Designer Accountability

Recently for one of my courses, I had to sift through some research about client relations to formulate an informative presentation for my class. It was surprisingly interesting and many professionals (throughout Graphic Design and other fields) have written lists of useful tips and guidelines that can help both green and seasoned designers through some […]

Managing Stress: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As the semester ramps up, I am noticing a steep increase in anxiety, stress, and sickness throughout my program. I am definitely among the afflicted. I always sort of thought that I was pretty good at managing stress, but after finishing a particularly difficult week, I am seeing that I might not be as collected as […]

Bookbinding Guide: Coptic Stitch

Okay so I will be the first to admit that I am not the World’s Greatest Bookbinder. To be quite honest, I am mediocre. So when I say that coptic stitch is easy and enjoyable, I want you to understand the gravity of that statement. So let’s get started. I referenced this super awesome video […]

Marketing: His & Hers

For years, I had been buying into gendered products. In some cases, I guess I still am. After watching this video I took a closer look at what I was buying and why I was buying it. I stopped buying women’s razors, women’s shaving gel, and even started buying men’s deodorant. A lot of my friends […]

Masking with Selections 101

So today I am going to switch things up and do a tutorial on masking as it has proved to be one of the most important tools in my arsenal. I have worked every summer for the past three or so years as an editor for a photographer friend and one of the most helpful […]

Holy Shirt!

I am an avid pop culture consumer. I watch it, buy it, and wear it as often as possible. However being the eternally-broke student that I am, I realize that I have limited funds in which I can deck myself out with. That is until I discovered the miracle that is 24-hour t-shirt websites. My […]

Colour Me Dreary

As someone who is a self-proclaimed rain cloud, it should surprise no one that 80%—okay maybe 90%—of my wardrobe is black or grey. I have always lacked the appreciation of colour many of my friends have always had, except when it comes to hair and lipstick. I have recently noticed an increase in colour across graphic design […]