The Art of Alcohol

Earlier this semester we were given an alcohol branding assignment where we had to create a design for a minimum of one bottle for a fictitious brewery, as well as an accompanying logo. I did tons of research to find a style I liked and then spent hours creating many different designs for different types of alcohol. I finally settled on a craft beer aesthetic and decided to make a variety pack including three different types of beer.

I chose to name the beers after phrases used to describe drunkenness that had a nice ring to it and lent well to an illustrative approach.


“Drunk as a Skunk” (centre), “Barking at the Moon” (left), and “Away with the Fairies” (right)

Like I said before, I did tons of research to find a style that I liked. I was particularly inspired by Stranger & Stranger’s design for Ballistic Brewing (found here). The playful type, interesting background pattern, and main figure in the centre was very eye-catching. Also the added colour helps differentiate the brews from one another.

Another design I really enjoyed was Russell Brewing’s Truth Serum (found here). The type is reminiscent of 19th century typographic treatment with decorative flourishes to add a little character. I also love the fact that the label is directly screened on the bottle, giving it a very classy finish.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.07.46 PM

Truth Serum by Design Atmosphere (for Russell Brewing)

The final key inspiration for my design was Winter Beard by Rethink for Muskoka Brewery. The detailed illustration and integrated typography create a lovely piece of art on the bottle. Also directly screened on, this design’s detailed nature adds refinement without losing its down-to-earth approach.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.05.00 PM

Winter Beard designed by Rethink for Muskoka Brewery

So there you have it! An important thing to note about inspiration is to not let your work become a replica of the inspiration. It’s easy to copy an aesthetic and transfer it onto your own work, but I think it’s so much more effective when you can blend your own style in with one you admire to create something unique. That’s what I hope I have achieved with this assignment.

Any critiques for my label design? Thoughts on the inspiration I have gathered? Feel free to comment1



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