Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Curse of the Designer

Being a designer means being tuned into the aesthetics of the world around us. Signs, logos, posters, and more are all around us, demanding our attention. Before I began my formal training in graphic design, I never consciously paid attention to certain heinous design crimes but I definitely recall noticing them. The first one: typefaces. […]

A Taste of In-House Design

We were recently given a financial document assignment for my typography class to practice our type conventions in English and French. However this also offered an interesting look at in-house design. First of all, let me say that I have never been overly partial to the idea of in-house design. I enjoy working on many […]

Who Am I? A Self-Branding Experience

Branding yourself is always difficult in any field, but it is especially crucial for designers. Our brands are not only our identity as a business, but is an introduction to who we are as designers. It is crucial for us to showcase not only a keen design eye, but to infuse a certain amount of […]

Looking to Others

The funny thing about inspiration is that we don’t always know when we have been inspired. I had been perusing the internet, searching aimlessly for something to spark my creativity one way or another, when I stumbled upon the work of Gareth Strange a.k.a. Strangelove. Originally I had found his name among a list of well-designed portfolio […]

The Art of Alcohol

Earlier this semester we were given an alcohol branding assignment where we had to create a design for a minimum of one bottle for a fictitious brewery, as well as an accompanying logo. I did tons of research to find a style I liked and then spent hours creating many different designs for different types of alcohol. […]