Resource Masterpost!

Okay, so the title might be a little misleading, but this is my attempt at curating and cataloguing resources for designers, both professional and hobbyist, to enjoy. As a college student, I love free or nearly free things. Sometimes getting a deal is almost as invigorating as a six cups of coffee, three days of sleep, or one really perfect meal.

This list will begin small, but I hope to grow it over time. This way, I can keep track of deals that expire over time and keep this list relevant and useful. For ease of use, I will categorize the resources (typefaces, textures, templates, etc) and put a beside resources that cost money. So, without further ado I present resources!




Photoshop (brushes, PSDs, Actions):


Last Updated: February 21, 2016

Help me grow this resource page by commenting with some of your favourite resource websites!


Note: Some of these resources may not be free for commercial use. Always check the terms and conditions before using anything commercially.


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