Hello and welcome to the brand-new Go Beyond Function. This blog will be exploring many facets of Graphic Design through reviews, critiques, rants, instructionals, and more!

My name is Camilla Kipp and I am full-time student studying Graphic Design at Conestoga College. I am 21 years old and dabble in many different creative fields such as writing, cosplay, illustration, and music. I am admittedly addicted to just about anything nerdy, and am often seen sporting at least one piece of paraphernalia, if not fully immersed in it. I read and write as often as I can, and am very lucky to have seen one of my short stories on the big screen.

I mention these things because they effect how I design. I love building and observing narratives. To me, telling and creating stories is the most human form of communication and good graphic design is meant to communicate: a message, a meaning, a product, whatever.

This blog is part of a ten week assignment in my Professionalism course. I will try to synthesize my ideas into what I hope will be informative, interesting, and occasionally entertaining posts that will occur once or twice a week. If you would like to comment or discuss one of the points I touch on, or having an interesting anecdote to share, or you just want to chat, please feel free to do so in the comments. However I would suggest that if you are commenting rude, cruel, or generally nasty things, to refrain. This blog is an exercise in professionalism and I would be grateful if it could remain that way.

Cheers and happy designing,


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